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Knights and Princesses

Here you will find additional resources you may want to use to enhance your experience. You can find the read aloud suggestion and many other items here. These are not required but suggestions. You may want tiara making supplies or some Sir Cumference books that are great for reading over and over.  All items are linked through Amazon to make shopping as quick and simple as possible. I try to only include things that are Prime to eliminate shipping costs.


About $7.00

Marguerite De Angeli

This is the Suggested read aloud for The Knights and Princesses LRT.


The read aloud is an important part of many of the Little Rabbit Trails. We strongly encourage you read this aloud with your children no matter what their age is. It opens up the opportunity to discuss this book together. Don't miss out on experiencing The Door In The Wall with your children.

About $7.00

The Sir Cumference math books are one of our favorites. Written as just a great story it explains mathematical concepts in ways that are fun and memorable. I believe that these are a must in every homeschooling family's library.

About $17.00

Take your children outside and look at the stars.  If you don't know how to use one, then just visit the link below and learn with your children.

About $15.00

Leather Bound

Rapunzel, Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are just some of the stories included in this book.

About $5.00

About $17.00

Let your children have a show at archery with this all wood, but safe, bow and arrow set with rubber tips. Great fun for everyone. If you decide to purchase this bow your children could make arrows of their own.

Get ready for some tiara making fun.

About $10.00

About $15.00

Whittling can be a great activity for your Love of Learner son or daughter. Here is the basic Swiss Army knife to get you started.

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