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Leonardo Da Vinci

Here you will find additional resources you may want to use to enhance your experience. This month there are two read alouds.. You will also find other items here to make activity prep even easier. All items are linked through Amazon to make shopping as quick and simple as possible. I try to only include things that are Prime to eliminate shipping costs.

Mary Pope Osborne

About $4.00

This is the first suggested read aloud for the Leonardo Da Vinci LRT.


The read aloud is an important part of many of the Little Rabbit Trails. We strongly encourage you read this aloud with your children no matter what their age is. It opens up the opportunity to discuss this book together. Don't miss out on experiencing Monday with a Mad Genius with your children.This is the first of two read aloud for the month. 

About $20.00

Oil painting could be a fun new way for your children to express themselves through art. Find all of the supplies you will need below.


I suggest oil painting for mature children to adults or for children who are very into art.

About $10.00

Here is a simple less expensive canvas that everyone can use. 


About $20.00

I suggest you purchase a set of brushes that are not super cheap. There is nothing more frustrating that wanting to paint something and you dont have the tools to complete the job. 

About $6.00

These would be fun for experimenting with the oil paints. Paint mountains adn experament with textures.

About $6.00

This product is used to prime the canvas prior to painting if you are going to try the wet on wet on wet technique. 

About $8.00

This will help you clean out and take care of your brushes. 

About $5.00

Mary Pope Osborne

This is the second suggested read aloud for the Leonardo Da Vinci LRT.


You learned a lot from the first read aloud but this fact filled book will go more into depth about Leonardo and many of the amazing things he did.

About $3.00

Here is another great kids book on Leonardo. If your family is not into the Magic Tree ouse books this would be another great option. My family loves these books. 

About $15.00

This book comes from an amazing series of books. Full of facts and lots of real activities to do with the kids.

About $8.00

Try sculpting and feel how wonderful the cold clay feels in your hands. This is a great sensory activity for little ones.

About $8.00

Can you build a bridge just like Leonardo? Here is your chance to build one at a very small scale.

About $11.00

Explore the Anatomy of the human body. Make lean hands on and watch as they learn all about the body oragans. 

About $15.00

This puzzle is one of my favorites. Bones on one side and organs on the other. It even has every part marked with a number and a section at the base of the puzzle for identification. 

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