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Explore bees through poetry, music, history, and more

15 pages of inspiration and activities that will have your children excited to be a scientific field researcher.  Lisen to the music of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, paint ancient art, learn how honey is made, and learn the parts of the bee. Learn how to make a bar graph and how a flute works. Bake together as a family and taste a little bit of Russia.


This unit includes links to videos that have been previewed for child-friendliness. 

3 poetry posters

3 worksheets

fun facts on various topics

painting activity

recipe card

poets card

simple poetry writing lesson

Ancient Lit Story


For older kids: they will put together a presentation on the biology of a bee in addition to all of the fun family learning. They could also write out their observations during the graphing activity. 


From this unit you will cover geography, liturature, art, history, new vocabulary, memorization, penmenship, life skills, math (graphs), Scientific observation, bee anatomy and biology, ancient literature, music (classical), and more. 



Poetry Unit Isaac Watts and Bees

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