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The Homeschool Bundle comes with everything to kick off your poetry experience. 

What you will get

-A Year of Poetry Tea Time book with enough poetry to read a poem every weekday of the year.

-A Year of Poetry Tea Time Patriotism book is full of poetry related to patriotism, freedom, liberty, and more with poems from all over the world.

- 4 Poetry Tea Time Journals of your choice for children (or yourself) to write down your thoughts on poems you read, write your own poetry, or do copy work in.

-A copy of Relaxed Homeschooling which helps you identify your homeschooling goals, family culture, and tips.

-A copy of Music at Home to help you add music education to your learning.

-Your choice of a 50 Book Reading Journal to keep track of the books you read aloud to your children or for a child to use on their own.


Substitutions: If you would like to you may switch out Music at Home, relaxed homeschooling, 50 Book Reading Journal, or poetry journal for another book. 


For example, a bundle could be bother poetry Tea Time Books, relaxed homeschooling, 3 poetry journals, and 3 50 book reading journals. OR bother poetry books, 4 poetry journals, 2 50 book reading journals, and Music at home. 


You can pick a total of 7 from the following titles

Realexed Homeschooling ( a max of 1)

Music at Home (a max of 1)

Poetry Journal Blue

Poetry Journal Pink

Poetry Journal Jr. ( for little kids who are learning to write with space to draw)

Poetry Journal Artist (large space to draw with space to write)

50 Book  Reading Journal Green

50 Book Reading Journal Orange

50 Book Reading Journal Butterfly

50 Book Reading Journal Flower


Ultimate Homeschool Bundle

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