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Your Seat is Saved!
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Busy Mom Special Just for you

I understand how homeschool life goes and can be unpredictable from day to day. Let's admit it, sometimes even hour to hour. So I am opening up my vault for you so you don't have to miss a single workshop. What is in the Vault you ask?

Hours of past and new content to include...

Art classes

Poetry writing lessons

Homeschool Mentoring classes

Classes and interviews with poets

People you will see are

Andrew Pudewa

Rachel Demille

Audrea Rindlisbacher

Kent & Amy Bowler

and more.

Having a place to go and find motivation and encouragement is vital when homeschooling. $20 is a small investment in your ability to have peace of mind and give your children a superior education. 

Hours of help at your fingertips

Regularly $40 for 6 months

Yours for only $20 for 12 months right now!

The Little Red Hen Unit

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