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Little Britches

Here you will find additional resources you may want to use to enhance your experience. You will find this months  read aloud. You will also find other items here to make activity prep even easier. All items are linked through Amazon to make shopping as quick and simple as possible. I try to only include things that are Prime to eliminate shipping costs.

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This is the read aloud for this month

Ralph Moody

About $10.00

The read aloud is an important part of the Little Rabbit Trails. We strongly encourage you to read this aloud with your children no matter what their age is. It opens up the opportunity to discuss this book together. Don't miss out on experiencing Ralph Moody's Little Britches with your children. This classic is full of lessons about character, hard work, and honesty.

About $13.00

Theodore Gray

I love this book about the elements. I shares all sorts of things about the element and shows you its practical application in everyday life.


Did you know that Bromine in found in citrus-flavored sodas that sulfur is in the onions you eat and that Brazil nuts have high levels of Selenium? This book will be a welcome addition to your home library. "A visual exploration of every known atom in the universe.



About $19.00

Get your three sister garden going with these wonderful Organic Heirloom seeds. The red corn is edible and gives the beans a place to grow. The Seminole Pumpkins can also be used for cooking pies, bread, and soups. This comes with enough seeds to plant a 25' circular sister garden. 

About $9.00

This hat is felt and comes in Black, Brown or Pink.  aIt is approx. 21¾″ circumference (inside of hat). It will fit snug on an adult but also works great for kids.

About $86.00

AmScope all Metal Microscope

This is an outstanding microscope for the money. Almost nothing but great reviews. I own a cheep microscope and its hard to focus on just about anything. Quite frustrating with the little ones. So do yourself a favor. Buy this one. It has glass lenses and can magnify  at 250X, 400X and 1000X.  It even has the opption of plugging it into the wall for light power rather than replace battereis every time your children forget to turn the light off. I personally will be saving for this one. If you are homeschooling, you will find yourself wishing you had a microscope many times.

About $6.00

Here is another great read and a great addition to your classics book home library. Call of the Wild is a book mentioned within the book of Little Britches.

Jack London

About $12.00

Dianah Maria Mulock Craik

Here is another classic, forgotten by many, written during the Industrial Revolution. It is a rags to riches story about an orphaned boy who believes in hard work.

About $12.00

Here is wool to use for your smaller felting projects like the felted rock or felted heart. This is high quality and it has wonderful bold colors. This would work great for felting your rocks. If you are planning on felting small shapes or animals look at the kit bellow.

About $12.00

This felting kit has everything you need to get started to include and instruction book.  Needles, a few colors of wool, finger guards and more.

About $6.00

Here the econo way to bring some chowboy fun into the house. two straw cowboy hats with a sheriff star on the front. These are made to fit children.

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