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4 Tips On DIY Fort KITS: Promoting Creative Play

The Fort Building KIT

Here is a fun idea. How about a Fort Building Kit? King sized sheets, rope, and clothes pins. I couldn't

get over the greatness of this idea. I decided to make a Fort Building Kit for all three of my kids (now I have a 4th little one). I made them for Christmas, but why wait until then. I think they would be a great way to kick off the Spring/Summer season. Here is the cute video on how to create your fort kits

Ok, so I love the cute colors and all but I went to a thrift store to find my sheets and king-size sheets come in only so many super fun prints. Here are my added tips from my experience.

A fort done with common flat and fitted sheets

1. I would use a lot more ribbon so the ties can fit around larger object or can reach farther to be tied.

2. I would also use a white cotton rope or nylon rope for ease of tying. The rustic looking rope if fun looking but my kids (5 and 9 at the time) would get frustrated because the rope pictured does not hold a simple knot very well.

3. I will also suggest doing more than one sheet. I did one for each child so they could build larger forts adn so each kids had their own if they wanted their own tent each to sit under.. I am thinking about 4 to 5.

Their fort building abilities have come a long way.

4. A pillowcase could work as the bag to hold the fort kit. I did not do this last time. Pillow cases are a little bigger than the bags I made and make it easier for little hands to put then away. Plus it would save you sewing time and it would be easy to add a draw string.

The video creator (Heather) also shared that she put hooks up in the bedroom and/or play room for her kids to tie the ropes to.

Fort KITS For Christmas

I was so excited about these that I also made the for my nephews for Christmas and they loved them. They would also make great birthday gifts. Now if you have a daughter don't sell her short of the experience of building her own forts. She may not want to prtend that she is on a battle field but she could play house, pretend she is a war nurse, pretend to be Sacagawea on the Lewis and Clark expedition, create her own fairy house and so much more.

Here is what you will need



Glow in the Dark rope (this would be super fun)


550 Paracord (200 colors to choose from)

3. Sheets

The bigger the better! I would look in your closets, go to a thrift store or ask friends and family for old ones they don't need any more.


Have fun making your fort kits. I hope this has given you some great simple play ideas.

Let the fort building begin!

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