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May the 4th be With You

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

If you like or LOVE Star Wars then you would know that May the 4th is a big deal. At our house It is a

holiday. Now my 13-year-old loves Rabbit Trails and since I am working really hard to get this poetry book done, I told him that he would be in charge of planning May the 4th. Now I typically forget about this till the day of and thought some of you may appreciate some last-minute ideas. So this is what we came up with…

-Moof Milk (place 3-6 bananas in a blender, fill blender ½ with milk, add two handfuls of spinach and blend)

-Wookiee Cookies (pre-made cookie dough the kids can shape into a wookiees head or body and then icing for kids to decorate like a wookiee)

-Bone Broth (the kids are going to work together to make soup like baby Yoda drank. Yes, I know his name is Grogu.

-Portions (my daughter loves how Rey gets her food in portions so we grabbed some Pillsbury instant biscuits so the kids could watch the “portions" grow)

-Light Saber Popsicles (twin pops in fun bright colors)

-Watch a Star Wars Documentary

-Learn how yeast works

-Learn about cloning (since Jango Fett was cloned)

-Read the Star Wars Golden books (we have all of them)

-Play Risk, Star Wars Edition

-Carve a Star Wars character into a banana

Sounds like a lot of fun and play right?

Yes, but lots of learning going on too.

They will cover






Adult Skills

Critical Thinking



Not bad for one of the kids being in charge. People always comment on the fun things we do but anyone can do it. Yes, even you! You just have to be willing to loosen the ropes and be willing to do something that is off the beaten path, a little out of the ordinary.

Check out the links below to see some of the other Star Wars Learning Fun that is out there.

Add these fun resources and you will also cover music and more science, art, critical thinking, science, and more

The Star Wars Documentary --

Using the force in real life

Why Every Movie Space Battle Is Wrong --

Watch a youth orchestra perform the Star Wars Theme Song...How many instruments can you identify? Learn about one new instrument --

How to draw the Mandalorian --

How to draw a realistic Chewbacca portrait --

Fun Star Wars Science Song --

A Look at John Williams Motifs and similarities between songs --

I would love to know about your Star Wars Gems. Share them with me in a comment.

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