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This is for the homeschooling parent who feels that something is not quite right with their homeschooling experience but they are having trouble figuring it out. Or maybe you know what the problem is but can't seem to remedy it. 


It could also be for help in one or two areas like: 

  • letting your child learn how to read on their own
  • how to expose your children to math, Shakespeare, philosophy, writing, or music, and other topics without making it a chore. 
  • How to create a home environment that encourages child-led learning. 
  • How to better implement the Little Rabbit Trail method of learning
  • and more . . .

This is how the 90 minutes are broken down...

  1. Before your 1-hour call, you will receive a questionnaire where you will be able to express your areas of concern and give me a chance to get to know you and some details ahead of time.
  2. Next, we will have our 1-hour call where we will jump right in and address your pressing issue(s) that are concerning you. This is where the mentoring happens. I will share ideas with you and then we will collaborate and create a plan of action that will work the best for you (get the results you are wanting). 
  3. I will type up the plan that was discussed and email it to you so you have something you can print out.
  4. I will give recommendations for books, magazines, articles, music or anything else I feel will inspire you along your journey.   
  5. You will also have one 1/2 hour check in call within 30 days of your call. This can be schedualed when you feel you need it or to celebrate your success and plan your next action step. 

90 minutes Mentor Coaching

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