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Ladies and other people,
It’s amazing, it’s cool, its rad, and no kid should be without it.
It has over 50 jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And riddle me this:
Why did the chicken cross the road?
To buy this book!

Are you a budding comedian looking for some original jokes that you have never heard before? Do you want to make your friends and family laugh?

Keep your friends and family laughing at these fabulouse, easy to remember, punny jokes. Your friends will be begging you to tell more jokes and your family will crack up at your whitty humor. This pocket book of jokes is the perfect size to keep with you wherever you go. You can read them while walking your dog, brushing your hair and even while sitting on the toilet.

The pocket book of Jokes for Kids is the perfect collection of jokes for kids of all ages who are interested in short punny jokes. The book is seperated into jokes related to Food Jokes, Animal Jokes and Other Jokes. No child will be disapointed in these jokes that will even tickle the funny bones of adults. Joke telling can build confidance and literacey. There is also a section for your child to write theri own jokes into the book so they can remember their own silly creations.

For every 100 books sold ten will be sent to a hospital to be given to a child diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Every child deserves to laugh, especially at a time when life gets a little harder.

A Pocket Book of Jokes for Kids

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