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This is going to get your kids excited about reading new books and learning new things. The hands on activities help bring learning to life..

Find It

Read It

Do It

That's all you have to do.


Find It: Kids will search for any book that has to do with the key word.

Read It: Then you read the books your children find. If your child picks a super lengthy book, feel free to have them pick a chapter or section that mentions the key word.

Do It: Now you do the activity.


You can use this in any way you like. Its short enough that you could do it each weekday and have a jam packed month of fun. Or you can use it as a fun way to add some Fall excitment to your homeschooling or preschool aged learning.  Some activities have live links so you can quickly find a kid friendly activity to match the theme. 


Some of the topics are:







and way more.

Fall Book Hunt

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