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Here you can get both Relaxed Homeschooling and Music at Home for a discounted rate as a bundle and for less han on Amazon.



Relaxed Homeschooling is designed to help you learn how to homeschool in a relaxed and natural way. Its step-by-step guide will teach you how to inspire learning at home through classic literature, life, and experience. It will also teach you how to recognize your child’s interests and be a mentor rather than just a teacher.


This book is perfect for anyone who is intrigued by, and has wanted to homeschool in a more relaxed, child-led manner, but feels like they are lacking in creativity and/or education.


What are parents saying:


"This method has a way to reduce parental stress and encourage child-directed learning. It allows me as a parent, to be fully engaged with my child while we are both learning. I believe that it supports all learning styles, which is critical.” - Jody from North Dakota


"This book has taught me ways to use regular books and classics as my homeschool curriculum and feel complete. It goes well with TJEd, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and unschooling philosophies."

- Kyra F. from California


"Christine's focus is on homeschooling parents, but I have found almost everything she writes about to be applicable to any parents." - Brian A. from Florida"I absolutely loved it!!! . . . I want to create a much better learning environment for my kids even though they attend public school." - Suzie M. from California



Music at Home is a fresh, insightful, and practical guide that will show you how to create a musically rich home, raise musically insightful kids, and make connections with your kids that will last a lifetime.

In this casual and action oriented book, author John Owens reveals how to make a vibrant musical home and raise musically intuitive kids. 

Even with no musical experience, music at home will teach you how to become a musical mentor for your family. 

In Music at Home you will find…
•A step-by-step method to fostering music in your home that will inspire your kids. 
•How music is a part of who we are and why it is essential to your children’s lives. 
•How to best experience music everyday. 
•What music to reflect on and how to understand different musical styles, such as folk music, popular music, classical music, and jazz. 
•Activities and exercises to help you consider what music and why.

Beginners Homeschooler Bundle

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