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#7 on the Amazon Experimental Education and #25 in Homeschooling paid Kindle list.

Is your homeschool full of worksheets and never-ending tasks that are draining the enjoyment of learning from your children?

Do you find yourself dreading certain subjects because they only result in tears and frustration?

Or maybe your homeschooling adventure is about to begin and your looking into your options.


Relaxed Homeschooling is designed to help you learn how to homeschool in a relaxed and natural way. Its step-by-step guide will teach you how to inspire learning at home through classic literature, life, and experience. It will also teach you how to recognize your child’s interests and be a mentor rather than just a teacher.


This book is perfect for anyone who is intrigued by, and has wanted to homeschool in a more relaxed, child-led manner, but feels like they are lacking in creativity and/or education.


With over 14 years working in various areas of education and more than 7 years of homeschooling experience, Christine Owens has tested and seen the results of the methods that she shares in this book. Rooted in the philosophy of A Thomas Jefferson Education, Relaxed Homeschooling fully embraces the idea of leaving the “conveyor belt” style of education behind and illustrates how to recognize and follow the rabbit trails that spark the interests of your children.


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