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This Tea With A Poet unit is perfect for some December winter fun. 

It is focused on the poet Clement Clarke Moore, famous for his poem "Tis' The Night Before Christmas." You will also be introduced to classical composer Handel and American artist Norman Rockwell.


You will enjoy making the easiest gingerbread cookies you have ever made, thinking about your favorite place to visit on Christmas day, reflecting on the feeling within your home, and learning some great words. You will also get to work together as a family, or individually, to create your very own version of the Gingerbread Man Story. 


1 poets letter

1 recipe card 

1 poets card

1 simple poetry poster featuring Moore

1 full longer poem by Moore

1 Hands-on Activity

Featuring classical composer Handel and American artist Norman Rockwell

Poetry writing lesson accessible to all ages on acrostic poems

Copy work and coloring sheet featuring both cursive and print examples.

1 epic poem poster for Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken."


This will provide you with the perfect Christmas learning experience. Slow down and spend a little time focusing on connection and love. 


Subjects You Will Cover

geography, life skills, critical thinking, music appreciation, art history, classic literature, penmanship, composition, photography (optional), poetry composition, vocabulary, public speaking.

Tea With a Poet "Santa and Gingerbread"

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