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This advent calendar will help you reduce the stress of the holidays. This advent calendar will create fun memories and teach your children to serve others, cook, create art, and appreciate classic literature. 


NEWLY UPDATED: extras include attractive poetry pages and instructions links and recipes to make the activities even simpler. 


This advent is WINTER-themed so it will fit into any family. 

It has a total of 24 days of activities. It also comes with 8 blank advent cards so you can customize it and add your own family traditions to the calendar. 

6 acts of service

5 crafts

5 recipes

3 science activities

1 music activity

3 reading activities

1 math activity (+cooking math)


Some things you will explore are classic poetry, snow photography, the northern lights, fractals, cooking, filmmaking, 


With your download, you will receive access to the Advent Page where you will find links to all related activities, videos, and more.

Winter Advent Calendar

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