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An-ology Adventure

Here you will find additional resources you may want to use to enhance your experience. You will find this months read aloud. You will also find other items here to make activity prep even easier. All items are linked through Amazon to make shopping as quick and simple as possible. I try to only include things that are Prime to eliminate shipping costs.

Jules Verne

About $6.00

This is the first suggested read aloud for the Leonardo Da Vinci LRT.


The read aloud is an important part of many of the Little Rabbit Trails. We strongly encourage you to read this aloud with your children no matter what their age is. It opens up the opportunity to discuss this book together. Don't miss out on experiencing Journey to the Center of the Earth with your children.

Alum powder can be used to grow some pretty impressive crystals. With this alum powder you are able to make your own geode with this powder, food coloring and an egg shell.

1 lb bag of Alum

About $22.00

About $8.00

I have these at my house and I love them. I started with one and then every time I had a child I purchased another one. 11 years later I purchased my 4th one and the first one is still holding strong and shows no signs of breaking. This will be great for looking closer at rocks, Crystals and Fossils. 

About $20.00

My kids love to dress up and make believe whatever we are learnng about. This fun hard hat is durable and works great for playing explorer, hunter, hiker, soldier, and anything your child comes up with.

About $7.00

Discover what naturaly formed crystals look like and have the fun of breaking them open with hammers. Who can pass up hitting things with a hammer. I looked at many different geodes for sale and these seemed more likely to be hollow.

About $30.00

This is the Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit-3 lb log. You can have your first harvest in 7-10 day. Yes, I said first harvest. Super simple! you just open the box, spray with water and harvest. Its that simple.

About $1800

This is the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm. It is perfect for a small space experiance of growing your own mushrooms. You can harvest these and use them in your cooking. Yummy! Experiance first hand how fungi grow. 

About $22.00

Just incase you need a spray bottle to water your mushrooms.

Spray Bottle

About $3.75

Here is a great book for identifying those minerals, rocks and fossils your kids will be exploring. Full of full color photos. Illistrates the crystal shapes of the minerals, the gran of the rocks and the details of the fossils. This  would be a worthy addition to your library. 

About $17.00

About $7.00

You are going to learn how to navigate by map and compass. This compass has everything you need to find directions with or without a map. 

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