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Is your homeschool full of worksheets and never-ending tasks that are draining the enjoyment of learning from your children? Do you find yourself dreading certain subjects because they only result in tears and frustration? Or maybe your homeschooling adventure is about to begin and your looking into your options.


Relaxed Homeschooling is designed to help you learn how to homeschool in a relaxed and natural way. Its step-by-step guide will teach you how to inspire learning at home through classic literature, life, and experience. It will also teach you how to recognize your child’s interests and be a mentor rather than just a teacher.


This book is perfect for anyone who is intrigued by, and has wanted to homeschool in a more relaxed, child-led manner, but feels like they are lacking in creativity and/or education. With over 14 years working in various areas of education and more than 7 years of homeschooling experience, Christine Owens has tested and seen the results of the methods that she shares in this book.


Rooted in the philosophy of A Thomas Jefferson Education, Relaxed Homeschooling fully embraces the idea of leaving the “conveyor belt” style of education behind and illustrates how to recognize and follow the rabbit trails that spark the interests of your children. I promise that if you read this book, and complete the activities in each chapter, the educational atmosphere in your home will change for the better. You will have children begging to learn every morning, a rekindled excitement for learning, and you will be learning right along with them. Don’t let your children miss out on a more enriched learning experience because you're worried about trying something new. Be the parent who is willing to take your homeschooling to the next level. 



Everything I want based on principles, plus the practicality of making it work when I had no idea how to implement this kind of thinking! 
By my bed stand and I refer to it often as my guide! 

Kristin 3 months ago


It was refreshing reading this nugget of a book. It really fits in any area of your learning journey, whether homeschooling or supplementing public school. I am currently not homeschooling, but I ran a few of the ideas by the kiddos, and they liked them, and we are implementing them into summer reading. 
I like the questions at the end of the chapters, as I feel like it helps set some goals and brings the focus back to what is most important: the joy of learning. 
I also love that it’s so easy to read (I’m a storybook learner). That’s always a big plus for me! 

Christina 2 years ago


This book has wonderful ideas. I enjoyed working on the exercises at the end of the chapters.  I was reminded of my children’s interests and have begun carrying a book around with me.  One of my favorite things about the book was how clear and simply working on Unit Studies was explained. Now I feel like I could take them on.  
Thank you Christine.

Rose DeLapp 2 years ago


I am a homeschooling momma and I have been wanting to let my children’s interests and motivations guide their learning but I had no clue how to actually get started. So many times, sources on unschooling will say “You just DO it.” That doesn’t jive with my brain. My brain is like, “Yes, but HOW do you do that?” This book showed a much welcomed, gentle, “take me by the hand” approach and actually told me how to get started.  I appreciated this so much!

Liz 2 years ago


Whether you are a seasoned homeschooling, just considering it or struggling; Relaxed Homeschooling is an insightful approach to reach your kids in a way that matters. The tools can be used no matter what form of homeschool approach you choose to take. The author is relatable. In addition to the content, the side quotes are inspiring and delightful. A great resource for any parent wanting to enhance their children’s education!

Heidi 2 years ago


Relaxed Homeschooling is like a conversation about parenting with one of your close friends. The tone of the book is very conversational and non-judgmental. I choose to send my children to public school, but I know learning does not end when the school bell rings at 3:30. As a Mom, I want to cultivate a love of learning and books in our home. Relaxed Homeschooling has excellent ideas, tips, and techniques for creating an environment where children are encouraged to pursue the topics they find interesting. Childhood should not be spent filling out worksheets and Relaxed Homeschooling helps apprehensive parents develop a plan that goes beyond worksheets and regimented lessons. Relaxed Homeschooling is a great read for any parent who wants to create a robust learning environment at home.

Natalie 2 years ago

It's not busy work . . . It's not a workbook . . .

It's not a curriculum of worksheets!

Rabbit Trails are the tantalizing and unseen topics and experiences hiding inside everything around us. They are in the books we read, the food we cook, the movies we watch, the places we go, the music we listen to, the life we live. Learning is everywhere around us, if we could just become more practiced at engaging it.


Life was not meant to be divided into subjects. We don't wake up in the morning and decide to do math or science or PE. Instead, we think to ourselves, "I need to pay the bills, make dinner, and take the kids for a walk." Yet with each of these tasks, we are performing a myriad of educational disciplines.


  • Bills require math, reading, writing, money management, budgeting, organization, computer skills, and communication skills.

  • Making dinner requires math, reading, the ability to follow instructions, vocabulary, and how develop multiple cooking abilities.

  • Going for a walk with your kids will blow your mind. It covers human biology, zoology, botany, architecture, astronomy, geometry,  and the list goes on.

So why waste time fragmenting life when you could let life flow and learn in a more 

natural, interest-led way?

"BUT HOW?" you might ask. You just have to learn to look deeper. With Little Rabbit Trails  all of the hard work is done for you. Little Rabbit Trails will introduce you to an inspiring way of learning. You will be shocked at the interests that will be ignited in your children.


Learn how to Follow the Rabbit Trails in Relaxed Homeschooling 

Not only will it teach you this valuable skill but also

how to create an awesome learning environment and

foster a family culture based on learning. 



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