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A Year of Poetry Tea Time is designed to make poetry a fun and enjoyable experience. It’s the poetry book that should be on every home or classroom bookshelf. It will provide for you three hundred, age-appropriate poems in diverse styles and themes. This first volume is designed to help introduce you and your listeners to poetry of many styles. With all the poems tucked into one book, you won’t have to search through volumes and volumes of poetry collections. Not only will it become your go-to book for poetry tea time, but also bedtime, mom school, classroom, homeschool, and more. You will learn how to hold an intimate to large poetry tea time, how to identify different styles of poetry, the history of tea, short bios on every poet included in the book, and more. You will also find great tea time recipes with which to adorn your table or picnic blanket. 


I promise you that if you use this book for your poetry tea time you will have fresh new poetry all year long and everything you need to make your tea time a success. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will make it a breeze to put poetry team time together. Your guests (your children, class, or friends) will have a meaningful experience, boys and girls alike. Yep! Boys love poetry tea time too. You can be ready for a quick, impromptu poetry tea time by the time the water boils. 


Not only does the book provide poetry and recipes for tasty treats, it is stuffed with so much more.

Features that are included in this book:

—You can find the definition of challenging words right under the poem for quick reference

––300+ poems; enough to read one poem every weekday of the year

—A glossary of over 270+ terms and the poems they are found in

—130 mini poet bios stuffed full of facts

—56 quotes by famous poets to evoke creativity and inspiration

––60+ activity suggestions

—Poems can be looked up by poet, theme, and country 

—Chapters are organized by monthly themes for quick relevant poetry

––A section for you to write your own poetry

—The history of tea

—Learn about different kinds of tea

—Learn about herbal tea and how to make your own

—Learn correct tea etiquette

—25+ Recipes for simple and elegant, child-friendly, tea-time treats

—Explanation of poetry styles and terms

—Field trip suggestions

—Learn how to host a poetry tea time

And More


This collection will give you everything you need, neatly nestled between the covers of a single book.


After over twenty years of collecting poetry and reading it to children, in schools and at home, I have found that children of all ages enjoy poetry whether silly or thought provoking. With the right exposure, children from ages two to seventeen can learn to appreciate the poetry of A. A. Milne, as well as enjoy Longfellow and Shakespeare. Not only do children start to understand literary concepts, like imagery and rhyme, they also expand their minds with a rich vocabulary and learn the complexity of emotions. 


Thousands of families around the world are already enjoying the magic that comes from sharing poetry. Gathering around the table, sharing glances while sipping on tea, and pondering the poetry that is being read or recited. Laughter, discussion, and smells fill the air as participants share their thoughts on a passage. This scene can be yours.


Don’t put off poetry until your children are older. Now is the time to heat up the water and pull out your tea.  Establish a love for poetry now. Don’t deprive your children of this mind changing experience. It’s especially great for those who may be reluctant to listen to books. It’s time to read poetry and watch the wheels turn in the little heads that you’re reading to. Build bonds and build minds starting today.

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Big Daddy 

March 2021

This book makes bringing culture to your children easy. It is full of all you need with poems across the board. Love this book! It's definitely not something you read through and put on the shelf. Instead, it's a companion to your homeschool or simple parenting!

Andrea Lawson

December 2020

We've been doing poetry tea time in our homeschool for about a year and a half. This is by far the most comprehensive resource I've found for it! I learned so much about tea AND poetry- and the history of both! I can not wait to do this year long plan with my kids in 2021! Do yourself, and your kids, a favor and get this book NOW! You will thank me later. With this crazy time of lockdowns and staying at home, why not start a tradition if poetry tea time now?

Debi R

December 2020

I just finished this book and can't wait to host a tea party with my granddaughters. This book I will cherish for a lifetime. I believe it will add add lasting memories.


December 2020

This book has everything! There is a section on etiquette and helping you plan a party. I loved how it goes over the different forms and is filled with poetry by past and present poets. There are recipes too! It is an amazing resource to use with your kids or for an adult poetry and tea as well.

Would you like to be published in the next poetry collection A Year of Poetry Tea Time Adventure? Then make sure to check out the poetry contest taking place March 2022 on the Poetry Contest page.

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