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Sponsors Agreement

As a sponsor I understand the following

I understand that as a sponsor of the International Homeschooling Poetry Contest, I agree to donate one or more prizes to be given to contest winners or as raffle prizes. Prizes may be physical or digital. They can even be memberships, courses, subscriptions, etc. I understand it can be any combination of the options above. Prizes must have a combined minimum worth of $100.


I understand that I am to post the contest flyer in homeschooling groups and communities that I am a part of wherever the page and group rules allow such things. 

I also understand that I am required to advertise the Poetry contest throughout the month of March. I understand that graphics will be provided. Social media advertising will be as follows

  • To announce the contest dates

  • To announce the start of the contest (March 1st)

  • To advertise my workshop (3 of these)

  • Contest reminders throughout the month at 2 weeks left, 1 week left, 2 days left, and 24 hours left.

  • I understand that the hashtags #internationalhomeschoolingpoetrycontest, #littlerabbittrails & #ayearofpoetryteatime will be added to all posts. 

  • I understand that I can do additional advertising but it can not be in place of the advertising stated above.

I understand that I am to also share the contest with my email list. These announcements can be included with your normal emails if you have a regular email you send out. They will be as follows

  • To share with your audience that you are going to be a sponsor of the contest and announce the dates with a link to the contest page.

  • To announce your workshop with a link to the A Year of Poetry Tea Time Group on Facebook and encourage homeschoolers to join the group to participate.

  • Announce when 7 days are left till the end of the contest. 

I Understand that all graphics will be provided by A Year of Poetry Tea Time for my convenience. 

_poetry contest spring FB graphic .png
poetry contest flyer 2024 5th (1).png
Judge Kathy Mellor reminder.png
poetry celebrate Ashley Hawkes (1).png

In Exchange for my efforts I will receive the following.

  • 1 or 2 opportunities to do a live or recorded workshop to feature your service or product in a poetry-related way.

  • A link with logo on the poetry contest page where people will sign up for the contest.

  • Your company logo website listed as a sponsor in my new book A Year of Poetry Tea Time: Adventure.

  • Your company featured in an email sent out to my complete email list.

  • Free Advertising about your workshop to Homeschooling groups all over the US and in other English-speaking countries.

  • A Free copy of the Book A Year of Poetry Tea Time: Adventure (after it is published).

  • The opportunity to advertise a service or product to my Social Media audience once every three months for a year, from April 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025. 

  • Company and/or product will be shared with the A Year of Poetry Tea Time following whenever it supports or enhances any blog posts or products being featured.

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