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Top 10 Strange, Family-Friendly Movies to Watch this Halloween

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Strange Fun

So Halloween is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean it has to be all spooks and screams.

Having a family with a wide range of ages makes it a bit tricky. My oldest is 13 but his siblings are 8,5, and 3, which adds a challenge on family movie night. My husband and I are not into bloody slasher movies to begin with, so that makes movie selection a little easier. This year I have decided to stretch my brain and think of some movies that are more strange than scary, but will be entertaining for all.

My Family-Friendly Criteria

Now keep in mind, I have picked these because they are strange. So they may have some scare factor for younger children, but will be strange enough for older kids, so it does not feel so kid like. That being said . . .

-No bad words (if there are any minor words they are indicated)

-No blood beyond a bloody lip or scratch

-Generally, there are not things jumping out to scare you

-The movie has good-overcomes-evil themes

-If I think there is still anything one should be warned about, I will note it after the movie title

My husband said that my selections dated me, BUT I figured that some people may

not know about these movies just the same.

Here Are My Top 10 Strange Movies

(Affil-links for the movies on amazon are included)

-Labyrinth (has the word D*#N in it 4 times)

This is a great puppet production that was put together by Jim Henson. Add in a little David Bowie and you have a cult classic. This is a trip for the mind and the strange creatures you meet are memorable.

-The Dark Crystal If you are a fantasy lover you probably know this movie. If not you don't want to miss it. Another masterpiece of puppetry and full of creatures you have never seen any place else. (There is a part where they collect the "essence of people," and can be quite creepy)

-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

My children all love the Gene Wilder version of this movie but others also love the Johnny Depp version. I love the music in the first one and in my opinion has a little more creep factor too it, but not in a over the top scary way. Where the Johnny Depp one is more trippy and has its own kind of strange twist.

-Escape To Witch Mountain

This is an old disney movie about two children that look like ordinary children but they know that htere is something different about them. They feel as if they are supposed to go to a mountin and have a great adventure making it to their destination.

-The Never Ending Story Here is a great fantasy movie about a boy with a big imagination. He is on a quest to save the world, or is he? (There is a part, when at the oracles, where there are bear chested statues and a skull that is in a suite of armor. A character that dies. Even though it is not graphic it can be quite emotional)