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These printable flashcards are made to accompany the Poetry In Winter book available here and on Amazon. 

This printable has flashcards for 36 of the 71 vocabulary words found inside Poetry In Winter book. It also has blank cards so you can customize your learning experience. Each card also tells you what poem the vocabulary word can be found in and the page it can be found on. 

If you purchase the book it comes with a code to download these flashcards for FREE!

Purchase the book here 


Poetry In Winter is designed to make poetry an enjoyable and enlightening experience for both teacher and student. It will help you, whether you are a classroom teacher or homeschooling parent, introduce classic and modern poetry to your students. This is the first book in a series of four with each book focused on a single season. With Poetry In Winter you will find a rich collection of poems that will not only explore the winter season but shine a light on other winter topics such as love, presidents, Chinese New Year, childhood fun, and more. It will also help you teach your students how to write 3 different forms of poetry and provide you with vocabulary flashcards and wonderful treats, drinks, and hands-on activities to bring the poems to life.


I promise you that if you use this book for your winter semester/season, you will have fresh new poetry and activities all winter long that will expand your student’s vocabulary and increase their literary and emotional understanding.


Inside this book you will find


—The definition of 71 challenging words right under the poem for quick reference

––100+ poems; enough to read one poem every day of the winter months.

—36 printable vocabulary flash cards (12 per month) and blank flash cards to customize your learning experience

—70+ mini poet biographies stuffed full of facts

—12 quotes to promote kindness

––5 hands-on cross-curricular activities; 1 math, 1 science, 2 crafts, 1 P.E.

—8 recipes: 4 delicious drinks and 4 snacks (all inspired by poems) to share with your students

––3 poetry writing lessons, accessible to all ages, to learn how to write haiku, shape, and acrostic poetry.

––36 poetry writing prompts to inspire your students

—Chapters organized by month and themes for quick relevant poetry



Not only will Poetry in Winter save you a lot of time, but it will make it a breeze to introduce poetry to your students. With the right exposure, children from ages two to seventeen can learn to appreciate the poetry of A. A. Milne, as well as Longfellow. Don’t miss out on the mind-expanding experience of poetry.


This curated collection will be a valuable addition to every classroom and homeschool. It’s not going to just sit on your shelf…it will be right there at arms reach to enrich your learning experience. There is no planning needed, just “open and go.” Not only is the poetry from all over the world, it covers a broad timeline from as 854 BC to present. Not only will they hear the words of some of the world’s greatest poets but also be inspired by award winning poetry written by children of all ages.


Through poetry, not only do children start to understand literary concepts, like imagery and rhyme, they also expand their minds by engaging in critical-thinking, problem-solving, and they develop emotional intelligence. So what are you waiting for??? Add excitement and learning to your lesson now with Poetry in Winter.

Poetry In Winter Vocabulary Flashcards

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