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Welcome to the Brand NEW Little Rabbit Trail

Would you believe me if I told you that with reading a book out loud and doing 5 simple activities you can touch on 8 essential educational subjects and developmental skills? Not only that, your child will be learning and not even know it. Their learning will become their play. This is the magic of the Little Rabbit Trails. 

With every unit you will recieve

5 full colored curiosity cards

6 page printble

1 recipe card

5 activities


In this Rabbit Trail your childs curiosity will be sparked by


Composer Antonio Vivaldi

Beatrix Poetter


And you will bring the book to like with

Fun in the Kitchen (math and life skills)


Hand print paper craft (fine and gross motor skills) 

coloring with optional copy work (fine motor skills and penmenship)

Field Trip you can do from any place

Dance/movement (self expression, imagination, gross motor skills)



Creative writing (for any age)


So dont wait! Hop onto the trail with many other parents and discover the joy of learning and be amazed by your own childs curiosity. Where will your trail lead?




Peter Rabbit LRT (unit)

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