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How It Works



We spend countless hours sifting through online and tangible educational materials to provide you with a stress-free experience that will inspire curiosity and a love of learning in both your children and you.



What Others Are Saying!

"Mommy, I love the pictures and finding out all about them! I like doing research! I think I am getting really good at it. Can we keep doing it this way?"

                   -Gabe, USA

"A fun, broad way to learn lots of different topics which will lead you on different rabbit trails." 

                 -Kimi, Maryland

 "This method has a way to reduce parental stress and encourage child-directed learning. It allows me as a parent to be fully engaged with my child while we are both learning. I believe that it supports all learning styles, which is critical."

                   -Jody, North Dakota



Each day a child picks one Little Rabbit Trails (LRT) card that looks interesting to him or her. 


You reference the accompanying resource guide full of suggested literature, videos, and activities, related to the LRT card.


Explore the topic with your child/children and let curiosity lead the way.


Experience the excitement of child-led learning every single day.


Works great with children, ages 3–14

(Core - Practice Scholar Phase).


"Education is not the learning of facts,

but the training of the mind to think."

-Albert Einstein

With Little Rabbit Trails you will learn how easy it is to blaze your own trail as you explore topics with your children that you didn't even know were related to each other.


Learn More 

On The Little Rabbit Trail, You Can . . . 

 Learn Along Side Your Children

Save Time

 You, Not Them

Learn things you never dreamed of learning. No need for hours of prep work. Just enjoy the experience with your children. Great for children, ages 3–14 (Core - Practice Scholar Phase).

You will have more free time.

We have already looked through hundreds of books, web pages and videos for you. You and your children get to follow your curiosity through the Little Rabbit trails.

With Little Rabbit Trails you will be able to model what it looks like to seek out learning. You will now have more time to read  books, develop a talent, or enjoy a hobby long forgotten. Your children will benefit from seeing you make education an important part of your own life. You, Not Them is the 7th key in the TJEd philosophy.  

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