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Balloons Are Learning


So today we started our day off with a little fun chemistry reading and learned about how acids and bases react to each other. I love the book I am using because even I, the non math and science minded, can understand it. Then we read a chapter from Carry On Mr. Bowditch and determined that we could finish it in three day.

6 year old- "How long will it take if we read two chapters a day?"

Me- "Well, what is half of six?" I then hold up three on each hand and ask him to count all of the fingers which he answers that there are six fingers. I ask him to take away half of them.

6 year old-“Three"

Wait did we just do math?


Before lunch the kids were playing with balloons left over from their sisters birthday celebration the day before. Their faces lit up when one of the balloons got stuck to the ceiling. I told them it was static electricity. Again, I am not the science minded type so for these situations I do go to youtube for a little help even though we greatly limit screen time.

We watched the following video

This one really covers the basics really well from rubbing your feet in the carpet to negative and positive ions in a cloud creating a bolt of lightning.

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